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Tom & Jerry | Spot the Cheese Game 🧀 | Classic Cartoon Compilation | @WB Kids

Spot The Cheese Game 

Happy Cheese Day! Here’s your chance to prove that you’re a cheese connoisseur by counting every cheese from...
Tom & Jerry | Library Trouble | Boomerang UK

Library Trouble

Tom gets kicked out of the library by an angry librarian…
Tom & Jerry Show | Chinese New Year! | Cartoon Network

Chinese New Year! 

Tom, a house cat, embarks on his adventure of persistently pursuing his never-ending quest of laying his hands...
The Tom and Jerry Show | Tom Loses His Hair | Boomerang UK

Tom Loses His Hair

Tom is losing his hair and asks Jerry and Spike for help to get it back…
The Tom & Jerry Show | No Night Sleep | Boomerang UK

No Night Sleep 

No one can get a rest once again as Tom and Jerry are going for a midnight chase!
The Tom and Jerry Show | Officer Tyke | Boomerang UK

Officer Tyke

Little Tyke follows in the footsteps of his favourite police dog TV character, and becomes the yard’s official...
Tom & Jerry | An Extraterrestrial Friendship👽🛸 | WB Kids

An Extraterrestrial Friendship

When an UFO lands in Tom & Jerry’s garden, Jerry quickly becomes friends with the visitors. Tom, on...
The Tom and Jerry Show | A Treehouse Divided | Boomerang UK

A Treehouse Divided 

Warfare ensues when Tom and Spike have to share the yard, which clearly isn’t big enough for the...
Tom & Jerry | Tyke Forgets He’s a Dog | WB Kids

Tyke Forgets He’s A Dog

When Spike gets sick, it’s up to Tom to take care of Tyke, but all he can teach...
Tom & Jerry | Operation Laundry | WB Kids

Operation Laundry

Tom gets an impossible task to clean a muddy dress, but worry not Jerry comes to the rescue...
The Tom and Jerry Show | Babysitter Tom | Boomerang UK

Babysitter Tom

Tom is given the responsibility of looking after Tyke, who ends up getting a splinter in one of...
Tom & Jerry | Detective Training | WB Kids

Detective Training

Tom & Jerry undergoes training in order to become private detectives. Sir, yes, sir!
Tom & Jerry | Hungry, Hungry Monster | WB Kids

Hungry, Hungry Monster 

Tom is eaten by a monster that starts to eat everything up in the village. It’s up to...
The Tom and Jerry Show | Super High Intelligent Tea | Boomerang UK 🇬🇧

Super High Intelligent Tea 

Meathead turns into a genius when he gulps down a bottle of specially formulated water…
Tom & Jerry | Tom’s New Friend | WB Kids

Tom’s New Friend

Tom becomes friends with the Loch Ness monster only to scare all the village mouse!