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DC Super Hero Girls | Make Ups and Break Ups | Cartoon Network UK

Make Ups And Break Ups 

Will the girls stop fighting and begin to get along?
DC Super Hero Girls | Meet the Parents! | @DC Kids

Meet The Parents! 

Being a super hero doesn’t exclude you from having annoying parents, as the DC Super Hero Girls know...
DC Super Hero Girls | Girls First Car | Cartoon Network UK

Girls First Car

The girls club together and buy their first car!
The Detention Club | DC Super Hero Girls | Cartoon Network

The Detention Club 

Five socially disparate teens, Hal, Pam, Kara, Zee and Garth, find they have more in common than they...
DC Super Hero Girls | Ghost Hunters | Cartoon Network UK

Ghost Hunters

The girls visit an academic campus being haunted by a ghoustly presence…
DC Super Hero Girls | Power to the Princess | Cartoon Network UK

Power To The Princess

As the princess hungry demon searches its next victim, one particular princess may be more than it can...
DC Super Hero Girls | Ice Cream Critter | Cartoon Network UK

Ice Cream Critter

Wonder Woman awakens to discover that her home is being terrorised by a cute little critter…
DC Super Hero Girls | Bumblebee and Hawkman | Cartoon Network UK 🇬🇧

Bumblebee And Hawkman

Bumblebee is teamed with Hawkman and discovers he loves Shiara, so she helps him conquer his fears and...
DC Super Hero Girls | Green Lantern vs. Green Lantern! | @DC Kids

Green Lantern vs. Green Lantern! 

Though they are kin, the Green Lantern duo do butt heads from time to time!
DC Super Hero Girls | Secret Identities | Cartoon Network UK 🇬🇧

Secret Identities 

Lois Lane tries to uncover the secret identities of the Super Hero Girls…
Green Lantern Corps | DC Super Hero Girls | Cartoon Network

Green Lantern Corps 

When Jessica is faced with a Green Lantern Corps disciplinary hearing, Hal appoints himself to be her Peer...
DC Super Hero Girls | Killer Competition! | @DC Kids

Killer Competition!

The members of the DC Super Hero Girls have many special qualities, including a great sense of justice,...
DC Super Hero Girls | Best Batgirl and The Flash Moments! | @DC Kids

Best Batgirl And The Flash Moments! 

It’s everyone’s favourite twosome: Barbara Gordon and Barry Allen, aka Batgirl and The Flash!
DC Super Hero Girls | Batgirl vs Robin! | @DC Kids

Batgirl Vs Robin!

Batman’s sidekick Robin has always stood in the way of Barbara Gordon getting to help her hero!
DC Super Hero Girls | Superboys vs Supergirls! | @DC Kids

Superboys vs Supergirls!

Girls with superpowers who attend the classes at Super Hero High School face all kinds of awkward and...